Job Growth Pops Back

The Lehmann Letter (SM)

This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the creation of 242,000 jobs and a 4.9% unemployment rate in February:

The economy must create 250,000 jobs per month for the unemployment rate to continue falling, to remain below 5% and for the employment of those who have left the labor force and wish to return.

Today’s report was good.

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  • Diane Nelson

    These numbers are looking bullish for the economy. With unemployment at or below 5% and inflation at low levels the fed isn’t forced to push interest rates higher in the near term. So we have almost full employment, low interest rates and the S and P trading at a “manageable” PE ratio. We could be in for a sustained period of growth barring any large spikes in stock prices and real estate. We know the Feds current policy is to lean toward a slow increase in rates over time but just enough to cool off any real threat of inflation and irrational spikes in home prices. I’ve heard people speak of a bubble in the economy and whether we may be in the midst of one but there seems to be little data to support that.

    Diane Nelson
    BSM 424